6 Month Beginner’s Course 2

Course Code: 6MB2117

A beginner’s course aimed at introducing the fundamentals of drawing and painting to give confidence and build skills.

Over the duration of the course you will become familiar with using line, shape, tone, form and texture to generate imagery that will form the basis of works for finished paintings and drawings.

The course is structured to allow participants to develop strong observational skills, critical thinking, idea development and strength in applying techniques with a range of materials and media.

If you are someone that enjoys working alongside other like-minded artists or even someone who wishes to explore a more creative way of life but feel that a more practical and supportive environment is needed, then this is the course for you. On completion of this course you will be able to draw and paint with greater confidence and will have a greater understanding of the fundamentals of art should you wish to enrol on the year-long course at an intermediate level.

Tutors: Jacqui Kay

When: Wednesday 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Dates: 3rd May- 6th December 2017

Duration: 28 weeks Plus One Sunday Workshop in week 6

Maximum Enrolment: 10 students

Cost: $1,090

For an Interview email: jaquikay@hotmail.com