From Essex bird to Kiwi.

Initially I was not put upon the path to Art, a misplaced step led me to towards a more academic route. This quickly frustrated me. However, I was fortunate enough to have an incredible and inspiring Art teacher who took me under his wing.

We all have that one teacher who we loved and admired. My Art teacher was mine. Once I had Art in my life I realised this was my one true love and my passion. I live for Art. Art is life.

My Art teacher came back into my life for a second time…this time to teach me how to teach Art. Now I had teaching in my life I realised I had a polyamorous love: Art AND teaching. A match literally made in heaven.

Figuratively speaking my teacher couldn’t have taken me under his wing at all…he is a Kiwi and was ultimately conditioning me to a life style that I was to come to know intimately. I moved to New Zealand to teach Art in 2009 and deciding now to embrace the culture more significantly and become a citizen of this land. A Kiwi.


This decision coincided with a conscious shift to spread my wings and fly and alight upon the branches of my own Art school, the branches of a mighty Oak; The Adair School of Art.

Who said Kiwi’s are flightless birds? This Kiwi can fly.